Cyber Liability Coverage

Data Breaches have become commonplace. A significant cyber-attack seems to grab headlines nearly every week. Cyber criminals are capable of defeating even the most sophisticated protection systems. Your best defense against network security breaches and related privacy issues is insuring your company against them.

Example – your employee inadvertently downloads a destructive virus that spreads throughout your computer network – your client, accessing your website has his network infected causing his network to shut down. The client sues you for not preventing the transmission of this virus and his subsequent economic losses due to his “shutdown”.

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    Phishing: the attempt to acquire personal and/or financial information by impersonating a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Businesses are falling for these schemes daily, turning over data and funds after receiving a malicious phone call or email instruction to do so.  The perpetrators are easily able to lure victims in by impersonating other businesses or people that the victim may know or trust. Phishing in the Title Industry We have seen a dramatic influx of clients impacted by phishing attacks in 2016 and expect to see the number continue to grow in 2017.  A title agent’s escrow account is vulnerable to attack due to the large sums of money that are passing through each day.  Most commonly we are seeing hackers getting into the computer systems and email accounts of consumers and real estate professionals, allowing them to have access to information on upcoming real estate transactions.  Once they have the closing date, it is easy for them to send an email, posing as the real estate broker, with wiring instructions for a last minute change.  The change could be to a different account number or different bank all together.  If the bait is taken, the funds are cleared out of the agents account in seconds. Prevention  While scammers have become very detailed and tricky in their schemes, there are things you can do to help prevent yourself from falling victim to their attacks. Regardless of how legitimate it seems, always call and verify any email instruction received. You should […]

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    Cyber Liability Insurance

    After exhaustively discussing every aspect of their E&O coverage, most clients are not overly eager to hear about the “other” coverage recommended, in addition to E&O. The mindset seems to be that if a coverage is not required, then it is not a coverage a client should carry. Perhaps it is the additional expense or the time it takes to learn about something new. Perhaps the client still believes “that won’t happen to me”. Regardless, there may always be an
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Cyber Liability Application

This comprehensive application provides an overview of the risks and liabilities with respect to Title Agent Cyber Liability Insurance. Additional questions or details may be requested upon review.