Cyber Liability

How (Un)Lucky are You?

A few years ago, a fraudulent $1.1 million wire transfer forced an unlucky California escrow company into bankruptcy. The case was an early example of the growing threat of wire fraud, involving both phishing and hacking to get real estate professionals and consumers to wire money directly to fake accounts. Click...

Don’t get caught in a phishing scheme!

Phishing: the attempt to acquire personal and/or financial information by impersonating a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Businesses are falling for these schemes daily, turning over data and funds after receiving a malicious phone call or email instruction to do so.  The perpetrators are easily able to lure victims in...

Cyber Liability Insurance

After exhaustively discussing every aspect of their E&O coverage, most clients are not overly eager to hear about the “other” coverage recommended, in addition to E&O. The mindset seems to be that if a coverage is not required, then it is not a coverage a client should carry. Perhaps it is the additional expense or the time it takes to learn about something new. Perhaps the client still believes “that won’t happen to me”. Regardless, there may always be an