Fidelity & Crime Insurance

James Dick, CPCU, AAI

This comprehensive application provides an overview of the risks and liabilities with respect to Title Agent Fidelity & Crime Insurance. Additional questions or details may be requested upon review.

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Fidelity & Crime Insurance

Our Fidelity policy can provide coverage for Employee Dishonesty and includes owners as employees. We also cover Money and Securities taken by other means, Forgery losses and some computer exposures. Any weakness in your company’s financial controls can be targeted. You select the level of protection you feel is best.

Examples – the most common cause of loss is employee dishonesty, or the trusted employee’s “hand in the till”. That, and outright theft, or diversion of funds into an employee controlled account are two classic examples of this exposure. More recently, reliance on fraudulent, forged, counterfeit or altered documents, in good faith, (at a closing, for instance) has been the source of significant losses and claims.