Poor Quality vs. Low Price

E&O Insurance

As consumers in a distressed economy, we have all found, and continue to search for, ways to cut costs and save money. Prior to spending a hard earned dollar, we take a closer look at the value of what it is we are purchasing. When it comes to your insurance needs, determining the value of the product and service you are receiving versus the cost can be difficult.

A couple examples to consider:

  • Over the past several years, as E&O premiums have continued to increase, many clients have called to question what the savings would be if they reduced their liability coverage limit. My response is always the same; “Do you feel it is worth it?” With claims continuing to drizzle in, defense expenses increasing, and settlements being made, you should obtain the most protection that is available to you. While everyone’s needs differ, you must make a determination as to what amount of coverage is worth the cost.
  • With cost saving efforts in mind, there is an overwhelming desire for consumers to shop for coverage. We tell you we will be marketing your account with multiple carriers on renewal, but there will always be a competitor knocking on your door suggesting they can do the same. Before you permit another agent to do the work you have previously hired us to do, I would ask you to be sure you know for what you are shopping. Are you shopping for the best price or are you looking for the best value?

A smart consumer looks for the best value. Quality should be a major factor in determining the value placed on the products and services you are receiving. When obtaining renewal quotes, we may have one carrier come in with a lower price, but the coverage may lack crucial components or financial strength. It is our responsibility to work with you in determining which policy would provide you with the most value. Equally important is the value you place on your insurance agent. We strive for a level of service and product knowledge unsurpassed by others. We are dedicated to fulfilling growing consumer expectations and providing you with the best quality service and products to meet your needs.

Jennifer Holt, ACSR
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