The Value of an Independent Insurance Agent

There are several different types of insurance agents, divided between independent agents and captive agents, and divided into groups based on the type of insurance being sold. There is tremendous value brought to the consumer in the relationship with an independent insurance agent.

Independent agents, like ourselves, represent a large group of companies. This allows us to provide the best rates and coverage available to all our clients. Upon reviewing different coverage options, we are able to provide you with a thorough coverage comparison between policy forms in order to find a policy that is best suited for your particular needs.

Captive insurance agents mainly work with one company. The captive agent has only one relationship, and that is with the carrier being represented. All quotes, policies and product offerings come from that carrier, without any alternative selections for comparison.

The relationship you have with the Merriam Insurance Agency plays a major role in how we, as your agent, are better able to assist you. In addition to negotiating cost and selling policies, our number one goal is to service your account. Our job is to advise you on the different types of insurance available and help you determine what it is that you need. We can offer an insurance package specifically tailored to your individual circumstances. We look forward to our continued relationship, working closely with you as your trusted insurance agent and advocate.

Jennifer Holt, ACSR
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