Title Industry Protectors: Your E&O Experts

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the Merriam Agency to you. Our agency specializes in writing Errors & Omissions coverage for Title Agents. In fact, we have an entire department that focuses exclusively on your business.

Over the past several years we have seen drastic changes in the underwriting guidelines and appetites of insurance companies writing E&O. Many carriers have non-renewed coverage or made changes to their policy forms like we have never seen before. Having access to virtually every market writing this class of business is a huge advantage, to both our agency and to you, as a valued client. The policy forms, exclusions and endorsements vary from one insurance company to another and are almost impossible for one not in the property and casualty insurance profession to decipher.  Due to the changes in the industry, many clients are fearful of what may happen on their next renewal and are eager to save as much money as possible when time to pay the bill. In doing so, they’re looking at quotes from several carriers. It is important to understand that we do all of that for you . . . you don’t need to worry about comparing policy forms and coverage from one carrier to another, nor do you need to worry about the possible exclusions in relation to your specific business exposure. We do all of the research, analyzing and comparing for you. Our agency has the benefit of having the knowledge, expertise, experience and complete capability to do all of your shopping for you, always with your best interest in mind.

Our goal at the Merriam Agency is to sell you only what you need and provide you with prompt, knowledgeable service throughout the year. Each Title Agent practice is different and you deserve a policy and service specifically tailored to your needs. If you are interested in hearing from us before your next E&O renewal please let us know. You can visit our website at www.requestips.com and enter your renewal date today!

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Jennifer Holt, ACSR
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